Joles Pavement - Joles Paving (Oregon) Job Satisfaction

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August 2011 Joles Paving (Oregon) added asphalt to our driveway near Keno We paid Joles $10,000. In Feb. 2012, we noticed small cracks in their asphalt work and promptly notified Joles Paving. Owner promised to repair and rectify the job. When weather permitted in early July, Joles Paving came to our place and performed the necessary repair and resealing of the entire driveway.

We are now satisfied with their work and happy Joles Paving stood behind their work to guarantee customer satisfaction. The owner assured us of complete satisfaction. The owner also emphasized that

Jols Paving located in Oregon has no relationship to other Joles Paving companies scattered across

America. Keno, Oregon resident

Joles Pavement - Joles Paving (Oregon) driveway asphalt cracking

Corvallis, Oregon 2 comments

August 2011 Joles added asphalt to our driveway near Keno, OR. Man said "...had leftover material from another job...". The $6,500 quote soon turned into $10,000 after additional asphalt was required. Man, when presenting me with the bill, orally warranted "...against ANY cracks for two years; major cracks 5 years" , then initialled the invoice. (Work was completed within 4 hours).

Now, after 7 months, ( Aug12, 2011 to March 15th, 2012), the driveway is cracking in many spots. I am

81 years old and cannot afford to re-do the driveway. Worse, I am ancountering problems with locating the appropriate persons to handle my claims.

Perhaps the solution is a class-action lawsuit where they can be held accountable for punitive damages.

RS Keno, Oregon asas

Review about: Driveway Asphalt Crack.



The Joles are scam artists that operate in at least 5 states in the US.They have arrest warrants issued in WI.

Danny Joles was arrested in Texas for this same scam. The whole extended family is a group of gypsies who harbor their criminal bloodline.

NOBODY should ever do business with a Joles and contact the police immediately if one is sited....You can find some of them in Wisconsin Dells WI.


RS: It's very important that you file a complaint with:

1. Your local Police Dept

2. The Better Business Bureau (

3. Your state's local Consumer Protection office/Attorney General

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